Photo courtesy Library of Congress

Coming to PBS’s American Experience tonight, Tuesday, September 10:

Randall MacLowry

World Premiere:
American Experience (September 2019)

An in-depth look at the legendary conflict between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

The feud between the rural West Virginia/Kentucky clans long ago entered into the popular consciousness, so much so that the families’ names are now synonymous with long-lasting rivalries. At the same time, the way their story has been told has had a lasting, deleterious impact on stereotypical perceptions of Appalachian mountain residents as uneducated, violent, and vengeful people. Director Randall MacLowry’s informative, if somewhat staid, profile, stands as a corrective, contextualizing the feud within the far more complex backdrop in which it developed – a story of industrialization and corporate landgrabbing that threatened the Appalachian way of life.

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