New York Film Festival 2019: Documentary Overview

The 57th New York Film Festival

September 27-October 13

Film at Lincoln Center’s beloved Fall fest showcases 19 works of nonfiction in its slate of 50 features.


World premieres at NYFF are: Ivy Meeropol’s BULLY. COWARD. VICTIM. THE STORY OF ROY COHN, on the notorious lawyer and power broker, who prosecuting the filmmaker’s grandparents, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; DW Young’s THE BOOKSELLERS, on NYC’s community of rare book dealers and collectors; Tania Cypriano’s BORN TO BE, following a physician who specializes in gender transition surgery and his patients at Mt Sinai; Manfred Kirchheimer’s FREE TIME, which revisits footage of NYC life between 1958-1960; Abbas Fahdel’s BITTER BREAD, a chronicle of life among Syrian refugee children in a Lebanese tent city; Lynn Novick’s COLLEGE BEHIND BARS, a four-part chronicle of incarcerated individuals seeking higher eduction degrees while serving time; and, as a Special Event, Roee Messinger’s hybrid project AMERICAN TRIAL: THE ERIC GARNER STORY, an unscripted, factually based staging of a trial that never happened.


Among the other documentaries screening are the North American premieres of Nanni Moretti’s SANTIAGO, ITALIA, on the role played by the Italian Embassy in Chile to aid targets of Pinochet’s regime; Nick Broomfield’s MY FATHER AND ME, a reflection on the auteur’s pacifist photographer father; and Mariah Garnett’s TROUBLE, which also focuses on the filmmaker’s father, a political activist in Belfast; as well as the US premiere of Marwa Arsanios’ WHO IS AFRAID OF IDEOLOGY?, an experimental profile of the Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movement.

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