Margaret Mead 2019 Overview

The 43rd Margaret Mead Film Festival

October 17-20

25 documentary features make up the lineup of this long-running program of NYC’s American Museum of Natural History.


Among the US premieres at the festival are Aviva Ziegler’s WANDERING SOULS, in which an international collective of artists pays tribute to the victims of the Khmer Rouge; Sidse Torstholm Larsen and Sturla Pilsko’s WINTER’S YEARNING, a portrait of a Greenland whaling community facing economic uncertainty; Vincent Carelli and Wewito Piyãko’s ANTONIO Y PITI, which follows the activist offspring of an indigenous and non-indigenous activist couple in Peru and Brazil; Hye-Ryoung Park’s THE WANDERING CHEF, about a Korean celebrity chef who pays tribute to his recently deceased surrogate mother; Adrian Russell Wills’ BLACK DIVAZ, on an indigenous drag competition in Australia; Gavin Guerra’s LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, which explores present-day efforts to suppress African-American voting; and Sam Zubrycki’s MIGUELITO: CANTO A BORINQUEN, which tracks down the fate of a short-lived Puerto Rican child singer sensation.


NYC premieres include Erica Gornall’s SAUDI WOMEN’S DRIVING SCHOOL, which follows Saudi women seeking their licenses after finally gaining the legal right to drive in June 2018; Bill Gallagher’s RUNNER, about a South Sudanese runner at the 2012 Olympics; and Suzan Beraza’s MASSACRE RIVER, about a Dominican-born Haitian woman facing the consequences of losing DR birthright citizenship.

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