DOK Leipzig 2019 Overview

The 62nd DOK Leipzig

October 28-November 3

Approximately 80 new and recent docs – not counting many more retrospective screenings – are showcased at this acclaimed German event.


The German Competition presents the debuts of Anna Friedrich’s COMING OFF THE REAL TIME, FOR A WHILE, following a farmer in the remote Sweden seaside as he tries his hand at filmmaking; Gesa Hollerbach’s ALL FOR THE COUNTRYSIDE, which profiles four disparate individuals trying to maintain their European villages; Natalia Preston’s GIRLS OF PAADHAI, set in an Indian women’s shelter for those seeking to avoid early marriage; Daniela König’s WATERPROOF, a profile of two Jordanian female plumbers; and Therese Koppe’s A QUIET RESISTANCE, about a lesbian couple who reflect on their life in East Germany and today.


Among the films making their world premieres in the International Competition are Marcus Vetter’s opening night selection, THE FORUM, on the controversial World Economic Forum; Tamara Stepanyan’s VILLAGE OF WOMEN, a portrait of an Armenian community whose men have left for work in Russia; Nasser Zamiri’s FAMILY RELATIONS, about a conflict involving an Iranian family’s patriarch; Johannes Holzhausen’s THE ROYAL TRAIN, which follows a Romanian princess as she tries to reclaim old glory on a railway tour; and Maria Arlamovsky’s ROBOLOVE, which explores the patriarchal roots of modern-day robotics.


World premieres in the Next Masters Competition include: Julia Gutweniger and Florian Kofler’s SAFETY123, an observational portrait demonstrating how the Alps are kept safe for residents and visitors; João Borges’ GUAICURUS STREET, a look at the red light district in Belo Horizonte Brazil; Silva Khnkanosian’s NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, about landmine defusers in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh; and Marco Ferrari’s NEVER WHISTLE ALONE, a profile of several Italian whistleblowers.


Several titles make their debuts in the non-competitive International Programme, including: Aysun Bademsoy’s TRACES, about the victims of a far-right German neo-Nazi terrorist group; Dirk Schäfer’s THE BACHELOR HOUSE, about seven single Kurdish men sharing a run-down flat in Istanbul; Marita Stocker’s WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS LOVE, on Tbilisi’s Paliashvili Music School for Gifted Children; Sobo Swobodnik’s AGAINST THE TIDE, a profile of the director’s relative, a fugitive left-wing German terrorist seeking asylum in Venezuela; Katharina Weingartner’s THE FEVER, an investigation into ties between malaria and vested pharmaceutical interests in Africa; and Nino Kirtadze’s I INVITE YOU TO MY EXECUTION, about the illegal publication of DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, smuggled out of the USSR to the west.

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One response to “DOK Leipzig 2019 Overview

  1. Jerry Aronson

    I screened my film THE LIFE and TIMES OF ALLEN GINSBERG at your festival in 1994 to much acclaim. Do you want to screen it this year 25 years later?

    Jerry Aronson

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