Coming to theatres tomorrow, Friday, November 1:

Errol Morris

World Premiere:
Venice 2018

Select Festivals:
Toronto, New York, IDFA, Chicago, Sidewalk, Denver

A conversation with Steve Bannon.

In his latest encounter with a controversial figure, acclaimed director Errol Morris sits down with the man who arguably made it possible for Donald Trump to reach the White House, Steve Bannon. The investment banker turned Breitbart News co-founder also had a career as a film producer, and his love of classic era Hollywood strangely informs Morris’ profile, with numerous film clips, discussions of titles like THE SEARCHERS and TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH, and even an interview set taken from the latter. This is part of the myth-building Bannon has indulged in, not only for America and for Trump, but, of course, for himself as some kind of populist champion. Morris occasionally asks some pointed questions, or expresses his concerns or fears about the xenophobia and racism at the core of Bannon’s backwards beliefs, but these are fleeting moments that never feel developed sufficiently. Instead, the viewer must sit through his subject’s self-aggrandizement, fear-mongering pronouncements that a revolution is coming, and continual refusal to address the contradictions between his stated causes and the administration he still supports. It makes for a frustrating, maddening watch that makes one question why Morris gave Bannon yet another platform.

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