Coming to VOD today, Tuesday, November 26:

Josh Aronson

World Premiere:
theatrical release (November 2019)

Veterans find support for PTSD through service dogs.

Carrying the scars of war for years after they’ve left their military service, veterans from wars both recent and distant find traditional treatments wanting. Josh Aronson’s sincere film profiles several vets suffering from PTSD, who share the struggles they’ve faced coping with the aftermath of their service. For them, a path to alleviating the worst of their symptoms comes from being paired with trained service dogs, who provide companionship, comfort, and unconditional love. While the film ostensibly is meant to be about these service dogs, in execution it’s far more focused on the veterans, with the animals taking a backseat in the proceedings, and only surface information provided about their training and effectiveness in working with PTSD sufferers. Despite this, the film remains an at times moving exploration of the experiences of America’s wounded warriors.

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