2020 Sundance Docs in Focus: HILLARY

HILLARY | Courtesy of Sundance Institute

Nanette Burstein presents a revealing portrait of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Festival Section:
Special Events

Sundance Program Description:

Everyone has an opinion about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Admired and vilified in almost equal measure, she undeniably represents many different things to many different people. Spanning five consecutive decades of her fascinating career, Nanette Burstein’s comprehensive documentary series interweaves biographical chapters of Clinton’s life with previously unreleased behind-the-scenes footage from her 2016 presidential campaign, resulting in an exceptionally intimate memoir.

With unprecedented access to the former first lady, senator, secretary of state, and presidential nominee, Burstein is given free reign to pose even the most difficult questions to Clinton, while probing her closest allies and political adversaries with the same intensity. The result is an unflinching look at the remarkable life and career of one of the most recognizable female figures in the history of American politics.

Some Background:

Director/Executive Producer:

  • Nanette Burstein
    Past Sundance docs:

    AMERICAN TEEN (2008)
    ON THE ROPES (1999)

    Burstein is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy- and multiple Sundance award-winning filmmaker.


  • Isabel San Vargas

    San Vargas is president, production and operations for production/distribution company Propagate Content. She has a background producing reality television series.

  • Timothy Moran

    Moran is a nonfiction filmmaker whose most recent credits include TRICKY DICK for CNN and THE CIRCUS for Showtime, both through Left/Right.

  • Chi-Young Park

    Park has a background in archival and associate producing, and previously worked on Burstein’s doc feature GRINGO: THE DANGEROUS LIFE OF JOHN MCAFEE.


  • Tal Ben-David

    Ben-David previously edited Sundance alumni fiction feature EDGE OF SEVENTEEN.

Executive Producers:

  • Ben Silverman

    The Emmy-winning Silverman is chairman/CEO of Propagate Content. He previously was co-chairman of NBC Universal/Universal Media Studios and founder of Reveille, where he executive produced THE OFFICE, UGLY BETTY, and THE BIGGEST LOSER, among other notable series.

  • Howard T. Owens

    Owens is the Emmy-nominated founder/CEO of Propagate Content. He is the former president of National Geographic Channels and co-founding partner at Reveille.

Co-Executive Producers:

  • Sierra Kos

    Kos served as director of video for Hillary for America and directed/produced videos for President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

  • Laurie Girion

    Girion is EVP, non-scripted content for Propagate Content. She has a background as a showrunner, creator, and executive producer of various reality television series.


Lead Assistant Editor:

  • Julio Ramirez

    This is Ramirez’s first Sundance credit.

Why You Should Watch:
Over the course of four episodes, Burstein tells the story of Secretary Clinton’s life and pioneering career, weaving it together throughout cogently and thematically with an in-depth look at her 2016 presidential campaign. Refreshingly candid, addressing often difficult subject matter, and featuring unguarded behind-the-scenes footage, the series provides audiences with an up-close look at Clinton, and directly examines why she has been such a deeply polarizing figure. Viewers who don’t get a chance to see the series at Sundance will be able to watch on Hulu starting March 6.

More Info:
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