Neighboring Scenes 2020: Documentary Overview

The 5th Neighboring Scenes: New Latin American Cinema

February 14-18

Presented by Film at Lincoln Center and Cinema Tropical, this annual showcase of contemporary Latin America Cinema is split evenly between fiction and nonfiction work.


North American or US premiering nonfiction includes Miguel Hilari’s COMPAÑIA, a lyrical portrait of an indigenous Bolivian mountain community as they honor their dead; Andrés Di Tella’s PRIVATE FICTION, a personal exploration of the love story between his Argentine father and Indian mother; Federico Atehortúa Arteaga’s PIROTECNIA, an essay exploring Colombian film and political history; and Romina Paula’s AGAIN ONCE AGAIN, an Argentine hybrid exploring motherhood.


Making their NYC premieres are opening night film LEMEBEL, Joanna Reposi Garibaldi’s profile of the visionary queer artist, a provocateur working during Pinochet’s reign in Chile; Marcelo Gomes’ WAITING FOR THE CARNIVAL, on Brazilian denim factory workers as they prepare for holiday; and Maíra Bühler’s LET IT BURN, a sensitive portrait of the marginalized residents of a São Paulo hostel.

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