Coming to virtual theatrical today, Wednesday, April 29:

Marcus Robinson

World Premiere:
Irish Film Institute Documentary Festival 2018

Select Festivals:
Newport Beach

A tribute to Irish structural engineer Peter Rice, known for iconic architectural works including the Sydney Opera House and the Pompidou Centre.

Filmmaker Marcus Robinson structures his film around Rice’s posthumously released influential book by the same name. Before the engineer’s death in 1992, he was behind several of the past century’s most notable structures, but rarely received the same level of attention as their architects. Noting early on that there’s no difference between an engineer and an artist, the film sets out to spotlight the beauty of Rice’s work, in addition to his inventive approach to design. A noted cinematographer making his directorial debut here, Robinson employs time-lapse photography of several of Rice’s structures, while also showcasing how people interact with them. This visual aspect works far better than the interviews, which can take on an almost hagiographic reverence that may feel offputting to viewers not already Rice acolytes.

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