New to VOD this week:

Dan Wayne

World Premiere:
Virginia 2019

Select Festivals:
Slamdance, Mountainfilm, Big Sky Doc

An acclaimed taxidermist sets out to create a life-size replica of Bigfoot.

Unassuming Canadian Ken Walker has already been recognized among his peers as the world champion in taxidermy, inspiring others to take up and hone the often-misunderstood craft. For the next championship competition, he decides to take on a controversial subject, and one that will challenge the limits of his talent: Bigfoot. Convinced that the legends are true, so much so that he has sought out and discovered what he considers to be conclusive proof – Bigfoot spoor – Walker sets out to construct a female sasquatch, based on the infamous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film. Filmmaker Dan Wayne traces his progress, providing viewers with an informative look at the taxidermic process, interspersed with Walker’s beliefs about cryptozoology, and, far less interesting, a subplot involving the dissolution of Walker’s marriage and the beginnings of a romantic relationship with a younger taxidermist mentee. While cheapened by cheesy music and some iffy editorial choices, Wayne’s slight film has just enough quirkiness to keep it entertaining.

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