Coming to POV tonight, Monday, September 14:

Eva Mulvad

World Premiere:
Toronto 2019

Select Festivals:
DOC NYC, IDFA, Chicago, Docaviv, Budapest, Göteborg, Docs Against Gravity

An illicit love affair leads an Iranian couple to seek asylum.

The film screened as part of DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
Eva Mulvad’s film opens with a desperate man in Tehran telling the camera, “I’m not sure if, tomorrow, I’ll be dead or alive.” This is Sahand, who has been in a long-term adulterous relationship with Leila, despite Iran’s threat of the death penalty for infidelity. Now, the couple is fleeing the country with Mani, their four-year-old love child. Mulvad follows their journey for seven years as their love holds them together throughout an epic drama.

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