Coming to The WORLD Channel tonight, Tuesday, October 27:

James Kennard

World Premiere:
Woods Hole 2020

Select Festivals:
San Francisco DocFest, Port Townsend, Doclands, Mill Valley

A survey of the world of analog bookmaking in a digital age.

While the death knell has supposedly been ringing for book publishing for years now, there are still those who are devoted to the printed book. Filmmaker James Kennard profiles a number of them – too many and for too short a time – as well as authors, illustrators, collectors, and experts in this ode to the love of books and their tactility. Among the interview subjects are a man who spends nearly two years painstakingly setting an archaic letterpress to print a Charles Bukowski cult novel, whose process serves as a running thread through the doc. Others featured include artisans who use creative materials and techniques to re-imagine the very idea of what a book should look like, and how a reader might interact with it, many of which are showcased at San Francisco’s annual CODEX Book Fair, which celebrates the craftsmanship of hand-made books. There’s plenty of eye candy on display for bibliophiles, but the film’s length and format prove frustrating – each profile is too brief and underdeveloped before moving along to the next.

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