Jerusalem 2020: Documentary Overview

The 37th Jerusalem Film Festival

December 10-20

Rescheduled from its usual Summer dates, this Israeli event goes online and showcases approximately 70 new features, with documentaries making up a third of the lineup.

Among the fest’s new Israeli documentary feature offerings:

Director: Elad Davidovitch Schicowich
A young man observes Israeli society from his balcony, his deep and painful reflection opening past wounds. On the week between Israel’s Memorial and Independence Day he needs to focus on himself.

Director: Ada Ushpiz
The intimate stories of three girls and two boys, ages 6-17, from East Jerusalem and Hebron, open a window to the emotional, educational, and political struggles of Palestinian minors under occupation – pawns in a life they did not choose.

Director: Tali Shemesh, Asaf Sudry
35 years after a 14-year-old boy shot his father, his mother, and his two sisters point-blank, the filmmakers try to decipher the complex character of the murderer and comprehend the contrast between the pleasant and composed boy and the monstrous act he committed.

Director: Chen Shelach
Beneath the Muranow neighborhood in Warsaw lay the ruins of houses once teeming with Jewish life and culture.

Director: Ren Tal
Twenty years after he was forced to resign from the premiership due to the failure of the 2000 Camp David 2000 summit, 78-year-old Barak observes his own history and the history of the State of Israel with disillusioned clarity, while trying to figure it all out.

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