Coming to MTV today, Tuesday, February 16:

Alexandra Shiva

World Premiere:
MTV broadcast (February 2021)

Nine young people share their experiences of suicide and depression.

With suicide rates increasing among young people – and only exacerbated by the social isolation and other pressures caused by the pandemic – filmmaker Alexandra Shiva shines a spotlight on the issue by going directly to the source: Nine young people who have struggled with depression and suicidal ideation. Shiva has assembled a group of articulate and candidly vulnerable participants, and has given them a platform to address issues both universal and specific to their backgrounds with compelling results. For example, cultural backgrounds factor into the stories of a young Indian woman, a Black man, and a Latinx man, as they relate how mental health issues are often not discussed openly or are stigmatized in their communities; while trans and lesbian subjects reflect the disproportionate rates of suicide within the LGBTQ community. Structured as a series of vignettes that profiles each of the nine participants individually, the film also brings them all together intermittently via a group Zoom chat. While all of us are likely well past the point of Zoom fatigue, these moments are actually quite important, showing the commonality and community between the disparate subjects, and reminding the viewer of the additional challenges this past year has brought to us all.

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