Tempo Documentary Festival 2021 Overview

The 22nd Tempo Documentary Festival

March 8-14

Approximately two dozen new and recent features are presented in Sweden’s largest nonfiction event, which is presented online this year.

Among the offerings:

Director: Yasaman Sharifmanesh
Abolfazl, deported from Sweden to Kabul, must take a dangerous journey to verify his identity in order to obtain the proper papers to return to Sweden.

Director: Nahid Persson
Journalist and activist Masih Alinejad has 4.5 million followers on Instagram after urging Iranian women to rebel against the forced hijab on social media – a call to action that has grown into one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Iran’s history.

Director: Mikael Kristersson, Åsa Ekman & Oscar Hedin
Three farming families in Hanyuan, China, strive to give their children a good life in the midst of an ecological crisis, as widespread use of pesticides leads to a dramatic decline in bees and other pollinating insects in the valley.

Director: Celina Escher
Teodora Vásquez is the spokesperson of women accused of aggravated homicide and imprisoned in El Salvador for having had a miscarriage – a symbol of the extremism in the criminalization of abortion and the cruelty against women within the Salvadoran system, as well as of sorority, resilience, and solidarity.

Director: Zahavi Sanjavi
After more than two years in captivity with ISIS, Yazidi Ghazala and her two small boys are released and return to Iraqi Kurdistan, with four-year-old Imad dramatically traumatized and acting out aggressively in response.

Director: Ofer Freiman
Cleo fulfilled his dream: to leave the big city with his wife and fifteen children, to establish a family commune on a farm in Brazil. Exploring their family-roots leads his children to discover their surprising heritage, which undermines the existence of the communal paradise.

Director: Dylan Williams
The filmmaker’s father, approaching 90, seeks to recruit new younger members for the male choir in which he has been singing for the past 70 years.

Director: Jessica Nettelbladt
Erik, struggling with gender dysphoria, isolation, and vulnerability, goes on a pilgrimage on foot from Malmö to the world’s end, Cape Finisterre to change his life.

Director: Darío Doria
Poor and illiterate, Vicenta fights for the right of her developmentally-disabled daughter Laura, pregnant via rape, to access an abortion in Argentina.

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