Neighboring Scenes 2021: Documentary Overview

The 6th Neighboring Scenes: New Latin American Cinema

March 31-April 12

This annual showcase from Film at Lincoln Center and Cinema Tropical goes online this year with a scaled-back lineup that includes only three doc features:

Among the offerings:

Director: Irene Gutiérrez
Even though its frame of reference is the Angolan Civil War, Irene Gutiérrez’s film is not a story of battle but of abiding faith. As it meticulously revisits the experiences of Estebita, Miguel, and Alberto, three former Cuban soldiers who fought in Africa, that faith in certain ideals that have endured across decades and in spite of reality comes under examination. The film depicts the three veterans re-enacting war games and playing out the theatricality of past glories in the jungles of Cuba’s Sierra Maestra.

Director: Carolina Moscoso
Provoking the viewer with a sustained and risky aesthetic, Carolina Moscoso takes on highly personal material, showing the universe of complicities and contradictions that swirl around the difficult topic of rape. In the film, the transitions of light and chiaroscuro accompany the courage, honesty, and even delicacy with which a harrowing event is excavated.

Director: Ana Elena Tejera
Returning from Portugal to Panama, the land that brims with promise, Cebaldo revisits his hometown with the familiar eyes of someone who grew up there but also the alienation of someone who left. Ana Elena Tejera’s poetic debut feature moves freely between fiction and documentary, as a story about myths, rituals, memory, and identity unfolds. A record of the history of Panama and the encounters and disagreements between the protagonist’s past and present show us that the most painful exile is the exile from whom we once were—and the things that made us what we now are.

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