New to VOD this week:

Jesse Suchmann, Bobby Carnevale

World Premiere:
VOD release (April 2021)

Best friends with Down syndrome rally their entire town to help them make a film.

Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt met at the Special Olympics and became best friends. They long dreamt of making their own movie – an over the top, bloody horror film called Spring Break Zombie Massacre – and solicited the help of Sam’s brother Jesse, who brought in his friend Bobby. Together, they sought funding on Kickstarter, and, eventually, drew in basically their entire community, with Sam and Mattie making all of the creative decisions. While producing that film, Jesse and Bobby also chronicled the process, resulting in this sweet but messy making of doc, which also includes the full 45 min SPRING BREAK ZOMBIE MASSACRE. Sam and Mattie are charismatic and funny, making it easy to understand how their mission went viral, got them booked on CONAN, and found celebrity supporters like Peter Farrelly. That said, the doc, like Sam and Mattie’s own film, struggles in its pacing and length, underlining that the filmmakers were so close to the material that they failed to kill some of their darlings. Still, as a whole, the project is appealing and successfully captures the joy that the young filmmakers felt in realizing their project, as well as the goodwill of all of those who showed up to work with them.

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