Coming to virtual release today, Friday, April 23:

Lisa Rovner

World Premiere:
CPH:DOX 2020

Select Festivals:
SXSW, Sheffield, AFI Fest, Punto de Vista, Dublin Feminist, Tampere, Jihlava

An exploration of the pioneering influence of women on electronic music.

Faced with a lack of opportunities and often blatant sexism in the music field, many female composers turned to the non-mainstream world of electronic music to carve out their own niche. Even so, few of these pioneers have been given their due, and none is particularly well known, not even within the niche. Lisa Rovner aims to change that with this project, which functions mostly as a primer on the topic rather than an in-depth study. She puts the spotlight on several women to explore the history and development of electronic music through a distinctly female-focused lens. Though limited in its scope – its subjects are all white women, primarily American, and some receive more space than others – the film proves an informative corrective. Pointing out blind spots and intentional omissions in how the story of music has traditionally been told, Rovner’s doc should inspire curious viewers to seek out the wider story.

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