In Theatres/Virtual Release: DUTY FREE

Coming to theatres and to virtual cinemas tomorrow, Friday, April 30:

Sian-Pierre Regis

World Premiere:
DOC NYC 2020

Select Festivals:
Big Sky, Miami, ACT Human Rights

As his recently laid off mother struggles to find a new job at the age of 75, the filmmaker celebrates her lifetime of self-sacrifice.

The film screened as part of DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
After stints as a contributor to CNN and MTV, Sian-Pierre Regis makes his directing debut with this poignant story about his immigrant mother, Rebecca Danigelis. At the age of 75, she’s fired from her lifelong job as a hotel housekeeper. She has scant savings after supporting two sons as a single mother. As his mother struggles to find a new job and faces ageism, Sian-Pierre cares for Rebecca by giving her an unforgettable adventure. Their story was covered in The New York Times article, “My Retirement Plan Is You,” and resonates for a whole generation of adults grappling with how to care for their parents.

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