Full Frame 2021 Overview

The 24th Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

June 2-6

After cancelling its 2020 edition, this Durham NC doc event returns with an online presentation that includes just over 20 new and recent nonfiction features.

Among the offerings:

Cane Malice
Director: Juan A Zapata
A revealing exposé of the hardships faced by undocumented Haitian laborers in the Dominican Republic’s sugarcane plantations, while a new generation of immigrants strives to find agency, opportunity, and empowerment.

Fruits of Labor
Director: Emily Cohen Ibañez
Ashley—a curious, introspective teen—blossoms into her full self as she works multiple jobs to help support her family, navigates the increased threat of ICE raids, and tries to graduate from high school.

The Last Archer
Director: Dácil Manrique de Lara
When Spanish painter Alberto Manrique de Lara Díaz suffers a stroke, his granddaughter returns home with hopes of restoring his lost memories.

Meanwhile on Earth
Director: Carl Olsson
Workplace tableaux from the Swedish funeral trade take viewers into seldom-seen corners and conversations with those who make a living from the business of dying.

Scenes from the Glittering World
Director: Jared Jakins
In the furthest reaches of the Navajo Nation, at the most remote high school in the continental US, three Indigenous students maneuver through the vagaries of adolescence in hopes of realizing their dreams for the future, all while balancing the responsibilities of family, the challenges of school, and the dissonant brush of the outside world against the traditions of their tight-knit community.

Storm Lake
Director: Jerry Risius, Beth Levison
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Art Cullen and his family and colleagues at Iowa’s Storm Lake Times fight for the survival of their biweekly small-town newspaper and for an informed electorate and functioning democracy.

The Wakeful Sleeper
Director: Boris Van der Avoort
Dealing with chronic sleeplessness, the filmmaker undertakes a personal quest to seek a cure, exploring nocturnal people, wildlife, and landscapes in vignettes that are alternately playful, disquieting, and inventive—like a dream.

The War of Raya Sinitsina
Director: Efim Graboy
Female perspectives on war are rare—commemorative statues do not typically depict women heroes—yet Raya has much to share, her spirit as fervent today as we imagine it was during her service.


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