Frameline 2021: Documentary Overview

The 45th Frameline

June 10-27

The oldest LGBTQ film festival in the world presents just under 50 new features and episodics in a hybrid format, including approximately 20 works of nonfiction.

Among the offerings:

Director: Joshua Guerci
The titillating and charming story behind San Francisco’s first and only all-male gay revue.

Director: Stéphanie Lamorré
Two-Spirit teenager Sherente lives at the intersections—sometimes clashing, sometimes harmonious—of several identities.

Director: TJ Parsell
An exploration of the collective and individual journeys of talented lesbian singer-songwriters who have created hits for country music legends.

Nelly Queen: The Life and Times of José Sarria
Director: Joseph R Castel
A consideration of the public personae and private losses that shaped one of the most influential queens of the San Francisco LGBTQ+ community.

Prognosis: Notes on Living
Director: Debra Chasnoff, Kate Stilley Steiner
In perhaps her bravest act as a filmmaker, Oscar-winning San Francisco documentarian, and LGBTQ+ activist Debra Chasnoff responded to her diagnosis of stage-4 cancer by turning the camera on herself, her wife, and her sons to chronicle the journey that lay ahead of them.

Queer Coolie-tudes
Director: Michelle Mohabeer
A reclamation of the racial slur of “Coolie” is at the heart of this experimental convergence of identity, sexuality, and history.

Raw! Uncut! Video!
Director: Ryan A White, Alex Clausen
A love letter to the outrageous videos made in response to the sweeping AIDS epidemic by the homegrown porn studio Palm Drive Video that offered viewers a safe outlet to explore niche sexualities and provocative kinks, and changed the landscape of smut.

Rebel Dykes
Director: Harri Shanahan, Siân Williams
A portrait of London’s late-1980s dyke community, revealing an explosive time of sex, culture, and politics.

A Sexplanation
Director: Alex Liu
The filmmaker probes the failures of our country’s sex education, the proliferation of pornography, and the stigma that is still attached to sex in America today.

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