Jerusalem 2021: Documentary Overview

The 38th Jerusalem Film Festival

August 24-September 4

This respected Israeli event presents more than 100 features, including approximately 30 documentaries.

Among the offerings:

#Schoolyard: An Untold Story
Director: Nurit Kedar
The anatomy of a murder – the step by step, blow by blow, memory by memory chronicle of a horrible moment in Israeli military history, when, in 1982, during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, an Israeli paratroop company was ordered to guard hundreds of Lebanese war prisoners for 10 hours.

Black Notebooks
Director: Shlomi Elkabetz
After a man learns from a Moroccan fortune-teller that his sister is about to die, the siblings embark upon a fictional journey in an attempt to alter the prediction, revisiting the past and the present to defy an implacable future.

Director: Anna Oliker
In a Jerusalem suburb, fifteen young American drug addicts, abandoned by their Hassidic families, share both pain and  great hope that Eric – another recovering addict – will save them from death.

The Last Chapter of AB Yehoshua
Director: Yair Qedar
The story of AB Yehoshua, the greatest Israeli writer living today – who is dealing with a serious illness, widowhood, and loneliness, but chooses love and embarks on his final journey.

Not a Word of Truth
Director: Noa Aharoni
Dr Rudy was an iconic psycho-guru and founder of “The Rudy Psychoanalytic Institute,” whose controversial therapy methods forced him to fight for his reputation and the institute’s survival.

Razzouk Tattoo
Director: Orit Ofir Ronell
Wassim Razzouk, the sole heir of 500-year lineage of Coptic Christians tattoo artists from Jerusalem, sets out to complete his collection of ancient wooden stencils before they are lost forever, discovering family secrets along the way.

The Reason Why
Director: Julie Shles
Suleiman El-Abid was sentenced to 27 years in jail for the rape and murder of Hanit Kikos, based on his confession alone – which he retracted, claiming innocence.

The Round Number
Director: David Fisher
Is the number six million – the sacred tally of Jews killed under Nazi rule – a symbol in our collective memory that we should not question, or is understanding it the only way to defend it?

Women of Valor
Director: Anna Somershaf
Ultra-Orthodox women are forbidden to run for Israeli parliament, but one woman is determined to change this historic ban, fighting against her own community, and facing a huge personal price.

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