On DVD & In Virtual Release: WITKIN & WITKIN

Coming to DVD today, Tuesday, October 5 and to virtual cinemas this Friday, October 8:

Trisha Ziff

World Premiere:
Morelia 2017

Select Festivals:
DOC NYC, Los Cabos, San Francisco DocFest, Hot Docs, AFI Docs

Gifted twin brothers—photographer Joel-Peter Witkin and painter Jerome Witkin—reunite for a joint show.

The film screened at DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
Joel-Peter Witkin is a celebrated photographer, known for dark tableaux full of disturbing images. His identical twin brother Jerome is an equally acclaimed figurative painter, whose work explores sociohistorical themes. These two gifted artists rarely communicate with one another, maintaining separate lives despite their shared upbringing. Told almost entirely by the women in their lives, Trisha Ziff’s intimate film explores themes of love, loss, and distance, while showcasing the Witkins’ fascinating bodies of work. When they reunite for their first-ever joint exhibition, will the brothers’ artistic collaboration change their perspectives on their own – or each other’s – work and lives?

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