DOK Leipzig 2021 Overview

The 64th DOK Leipzig

October 25-November 14

More than 40 new and recent documentary features screen in the hybrid edition of this longstanding German event.

Among the offerings:
Opening Night Film:

Der Rhein fließt ins Mittelmeer
Director: Offer Avnon
After ten years in Germany, the filmmaker returns to Israel and takes stock of that time, but also looks at his homeland from a changed perspective.

German Competition:

Kopf Faust Fahne – Perspektiven auf das Thälmanndenkmal
Director: Betina Kuntzsch
Ten cinematic perspectives on a historical site: Ernst Thälmann Park in East Berlin, where, in 1986, an old gasworks made way for a housing estate–and a controversial monument.

Director: Ole Jacobs, Arne Büttner
A sensitive and intimate portrait of an Afghan woman and her family in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, before and while the camp went up in flames.

Pa va hêng
Director: Franziska von Stenglin
Liem, who lives in one of the remote regions of Vietnam and belongs to the ethnic minority of the Sedang, sets out into the jungle on the trail of his ancestors.

Reality Must Be Addressed
Director: Johanna Seggelke
When you meet your twin soul at the other end of the world but the fascination does not survive the transfer to everyday life…

International Competition:

among us women
Director: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt, Daniel Abate Tilahun
In the field of tension between traditional and modern midwifery, the conflicts of women in Ethiopia’s changing society come to light.

Director: Wei Deng
Grandfather fortune teller, father developer, son filmmaker: A portrait of generations about tradition and change, violence and alienation in Chinese society.

Director: Aleksey Lapin
A casting for a historical film is supposed to take place in a Russian village, an occasion for an affectionate, semi-fictional local portrait with a sense for the absurd.

May God Be with You
Director: Cléo Cohen
The young Frenchwoman Cléo Cohen has an identity crisis: Is she Jewish? Arab? Even her grandparents seem unclear about this.

Veins of the Amazon
Director: Álvaro Sarmiento, Terje Toomistu, Diego Sarmiento
Observation of an important infrastructure in Amazonia: downstream on a cargo boat that brings passengers and goods to the isolated communities in the Peruvian rain forest.

Water Has No Borders
Director: Maradia Tsaava
A dam between Georgia and Abkhazia makes stories of division emerge: While the water passes freely, crossing the border seems impossible for people.

Words of Negroes
Director: Sylvaine Dampierre
A sugar refinery on Guadeloupe as a stage of the past: While machines and humans do hard labour, a group of slaves take the stand.

Audience Award Competition:

The Cars We Drove into Capitalism
Director: Georgi Bogdanov, Boris Missirkov
A cheerfully edited collection of auto biographies from socialist production in seemingly carefree times–when the motorized vehicle was still allowed to be a status symbol.

For a Fistful of Fries
Director: Jean Libon, Yves Hinant
Inspector Lemoine, investigating the murder of a prostitute, discovers a few french fries that enable him to track down the perpetrator.

Lo que queda en el camino
Director: Jakob Krese, Danilo Do Carmo
A family on the trek through Latin America: 4,000 kilometres to the US, a single mother with four small kids and goals she reconsiders.

Camera Lucida:

A Million
Director: Arata Mori
Impressions of an imaginary city, filmed on the background of the Chinese zeal for globalization,

The Shadow Workers
Director: Annelein Pompe
A playful fable through which we are guided by the garrulous, flightless pigeon Lukaku.

The Still Side
Director: Miko Revereza, Carolina Fusilier
The ruins of a tourist paradise off the coast of Mexico evoke memories of a bygone civilization, while a mythical sea monster rises from the ocean nearby.


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