Coming to VOD today, Tuesday, August 9:

Keith Fulton, Lou Pepe

World Premiere:
DOC NYC 2019

Select Festivals:
AFI Fest, Cleveland, Dublin, Taipei Golden Horse, Raindance

A behind-the-scenes look at Terry Gilliam’s THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE.

The film screened at DOC NYC, for which our program notes read:
For 30 years, Terry Gilliam struggled to make a screen adaptation of DON QUIXOTE, including an abandoned attempt chronicled in Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe’s 2002 documentary LOST IN LA MANCHA. Gilliam never gave up and neither did the documentarians. This film represents the culmination of all their efforts in an epic and poignant portrait. We watch Gilliam bring all his talent, obsession, and humor to confronting self-doubt, the pressure to compromise, and the need to realize a long-held dream.

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One response to “On VOD: HE DREAMS OF GIANTS

  1. Bruce Too

    the finished Gilliam Quixote film was a mixed bag–lots of visual spectacle more than plot. Gilliam is first and last a visual artist. His movies reflect that.–B2

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