Streaming: BOY I AM

Coming to OVID today, Monday, September 12:

Sam Feder, Julie Hollar

World Premiere:
NewFest 2006

Select Festivals:
Outfest, Frameline, LGBT fests in Tucson, Seattle, Budapest

An exploration of provocative issues rarely touched upon in films portraying trans male subjects.

The film screened at NewFest, for which our program notes read:
It is only in recent years that transgender people and their issues have gained significant visibility within the larger LGBTQ community. But visibility has not translated into instant acceptance or understanding from everyone. For some within the lesbian community, the act of FTM transitioning is viewed at best as a naive social trend, or, at worst, an anti-feminist rejection of butchness and female power in favor of male privilege. Sam Feder and Julie Hollar’s timely and balanced documentary uses the engaging stories of three NYC-based FTMs, as well as interviews with a number of activists and scholars, to explore this controversy and get to its historical and cultural roots.


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