Being released on DVD August 31: I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW

Director Sean Donnelly’s disturbing and thought-provoking doc had its world premiere at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival before screening in a number of other fests, including True/False, Fantastic Fest, and IDFA.

The film’s two subjects, Jeff, who has Asperger’s, and Kelly, who is intersexed, share a common obsession – ’80s pop star Tiffany, whose hit song gives the film its name. Both are clearly not quite living in reality, believing they have serious relationships with their idol and are destined to be together. But far from making them easy targets, Donnelly, while underscoring the absurdity of their unrequited love with a former celebrity, shows a sensitivity for the two lonely individuals, and an understanding for what drives their obsession. Although the viewer may at times feel uncomfortable about what they’re watching, it doesn’t cross the line into exploitation. It’s also refreshing to note that Kelly’s gender identity is not used as an explanation or primary marker of her eccentricity here – it’s just an element of her background.

IFC.com has its own take on the film here.

To order the DVD, click here.

Update: This post has been updated to reflect the revised release date.

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