Being released on DVD this week: THE AGE OF STUPID

UK filmmaker Franny Armstrong’s crowdfunded documentary/drama hybrid is a cautionary tale from the year 2055, warning the audience of today of the destructive path we’re taking by not addressing climate change ASAP. It’s not an easy feat to pull off hybrids, but it was an inspired decision to frame the film’s documentary elements with Peter Postlethwaite as a dystopian future-based archivist re-watching where we went wrong. Climate change is a topic that’s been addressed in many docs in the past, and will continue to be, and this was an effective way to differentiate THE AGE OF STUPID from other films, and to make its point in a believable yet sardonic way.

Last month, I interviewed Armstrong for indieWIRE, as noted in a previous post.

For more information on the DVD, visit New Video’s website.

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