DOC NYC: Rounding Out the Line-Up

About a month ago, I offered some brief thoughts on the first titles announced in the inaugural DOC NYC line-up. The festival launches this Wednesday, and I’ve been remiss in commenting upon the remainder of the selections announced last month.

There’s been one change in the Viewfinders competition – Toronto International Film Festival title ANPO by Linda Hoaglund has replaced fellow TIFF doc THE SOUND OF MUMBAI, which won’t be screening in the festival after all. My thoughts on ANPO are here.

Beyond that, new additions include details on the spotlights on Errol Morris and Werner Herzog – including separate “Conversations with…” events, plus four Morris docs (A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME, FIRST PERSON, GATES OF HEAVEN, and THE THIN BLUE LINE) and three Herzog docs (LAND OF SILENCE AND DARKNESS, MY BEST FRIEND, and WINGS OF HOPE). While I’ve seen a few of these before, most are not widely available and I’m going to try to see a few – I encourage NY audiences to check them out too.

The festival’s tribute to historian, author, and director Kevin Brownlow consists of six films, including his debut fictional doc at the age of 18, IT HAPPENED HERE. Add to this a Gala presentation of his 2000 LON CHANEY film – great stuff here.

Additional films rounding out the schedule are a program of NYU student docs and an edition of Dan Streible’s Orphan Film Symposium, plus a number of music focused docs – the world premiere of Springsteen concert doc DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, plus midnight screenings of U2 3D and ZIGGY STARDUST AND THE SPIDERS OF MARS, and a special screening of THE ROAD TO CARNEGIE HALL. While I’m generally not a big music/concert doc fan myself, including these is a good move to broaden out the festival’s potential audience.

Non-film programs embrace the festival’s intention to look at documentary in other media including photography and radio, two all-day symposia (“Doc Convergence” on Friday and “State of the Art” on Saturday), and Wednesday’s free “State of the Industry” panel – which I’m moderating – if you’re in NYC this week, I hope to see you there.

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