Special Screening: 12TH & DELAWARE

Coming to NYC’s Stranger Than Fiction next Tuesday, November 16: 12TH & DELAWARE

Co-directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady debuted their new film at Sundance this year. It’s gone on to screen at others festivals and on HBO and is coming to STF as part of their fall season.

No strangers to controversial subjects, as their previous film JESUS CAMP demonstrated, the duo take a critical look at abortion, at the titular microcosm, a street corner where a clinic is situated right across the street from a pro-life organization. Expertly allowing the passionate pro- and anti- forces to tell their own stories, the doc emerges as close as possible to a film that could potentially be embraced by both sides in the intractable abortion debate, even if the pro-choice side is clearly favored. Eschewing narration, Ewing and Grady instead focus their cameras on the experiences of the women who are caught in the middle, often duped into believing the pro-life building is the abortion clinic due to their manipulative practices, and promised support to carry through with their unwanted pregnancies – support which doesn’t materialize in the way they expect. 12TH & DELAWARE is intelligent, subtle, and provocative.

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