Premiering on TV Monday, November 29 at 9PM EST on National Geographic and coming to DVD on Tuesday, December 7: RESTREPO

Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington debuted their film at this year’s Sundance, where it claimed the US Documentary Grand Jury Prize. It was released theatrically in the Summer, and now has its TV and DVD premiere less than two weeks after the film has been shortlisted for the Academy Awards.

Junger and Hetherington gain remarkable access to the men of the US Army’s Second Platoon in this harrowing look at the Afghanistan War. Set in an outpost in the dangerous Korengal Valley named after a lost soldier, RESTREPO documents one year in the trenches, as the soldiers fight al Qaeda and the Taliban, intensely bond like only people in their position can, and deal with the uncertainty of life and death in wartime. The result is a powerful, affecting portrait, no matter one’s politics.

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