Special sneak preview, coming this Thursday, December 2: NO DINOSAURS IN HEAVEN

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Greta Schiller (BEFORE STONEWALL, PARIS WAS A WOMAN, THE MAN WHO DROVE WITH MANDELA) returns with her first new feature-length project in more than a decade, drawing from her intervening experiences as a science educator in NYC schools.

Schiller’s new doc addresses the encroachment of creationism in US public schools, inspired by the filmmaker’s own experience with a fellow teacher, a Christian fundamentalist who sought to undermine evolution in favor of the creationist point of view. While exploring this incident and its potential impact on scientific literacy in American classrooms, the film also uses a river rafting trip through the Grand Canyon to debunk the arbitrary psuedo-science through real-world examples and to expose the tactics that fundamentalists have been employing to break down the vital separation of Church and State.

NO DINOSAURS IN HEAVEN will have its premiere screening where the project began, at The City College of New York. The CCNY and the general public can attend the special free sneak preview and panel discussion, followed by a reception, on Thursday. There are plans for distribution which will be announced at the event.

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