2012 DOC NYC in Focus: Doc-A-Thon Day 1 – Get the Money

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m planning on posting about the programming I’ve been responsible for at DOC NYC, which begins next week. To start things off, this post looks at the first day of this year’s newly-named and expanded panel series, Doc-A-Thon, which offers audiences access to some of non-fiction’s leading filmmakers and industry players for in-depth discussions and masterclasses at the IFC Center between 10:30am-5:00pm on weekdays during the festival, which runs through Thursday, November 15.

Each day of Doc-A-Thon has a structuring theme that informs the content of its corresponding four panels, and roughly follows the steps of documentary filmmaking. Appropriately enough, Day 1, Friday, November 9, leads off with “Get the Money.” Recognizing that filmmaking can be quite costly, Day 1’s panels explore the opportunities for documentary funding in four key areas.

Get the Money Panel Descriptions:

Tap Into TV:
Television can often provide documentary filmmakers with substantial parts of their budget as well as bigger audiences than a traditional theatrical release. Find out what broadcasters are looking for, and how they make their decisions to acquire or commission documentaries. Representatives from HBO (Sara Bernstein), A&E (David McKillop), POV (Chris White), and the recently announced CNN Films (Vinnie Malhotra) explain.

Tap Into Crowds:
In the past few years, filmmakers and other artists have embraced crowdfunding as a legitimate source of support for their endeavors. But with the growing popularity of sites like Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and others, how do projects stand out, and how can filmmakers combat crowdfunding fatigue? Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin, successful crowdfunding filmmaker Gary Hustwit, and others discuss.

Tap Into Grants:
Foundations and other grantmakers have proven invaluable in providing needed resources and guidance to innumerable documentary filmmakers. What’s the competition like, and what are grantors looking for? Representatives from Tribeca Film Institute, Cinereach, and more shed light on their process.

Tap Into Equity:
A funding source for some documentary filmmakers, often those focusing on projects with the potential to have substantial social impact, is equity investment. What do investors look for, and how can filmmakers find them? Representatives from Impact Partners and filmmakers who have used equity investment share their insight.

Why You Should Attend:
If you’re a documentary filmmaker – whether seasoned or just getting started – you can benefit from the advice and experience of the Doc-A-Thon panelists assembled here when it comes to the realities and misconceptions around finding resources to make your project a reality. How often do you have the opportunity to sit in the same room with key representatives from HBO, Cinereach, Indiegogo, Impact Partners, or the brand new CNN Films?

More Info:
To purchase tickets, follow the links from the panel pages by clicking on the individual titles above, or consider purchasing a DOC NYC Insider Pass, which grants access to all weekday films, panels, and events beginning before 5pm.

Note: Because of the current power outage in downtown Manhattan, ticketing for DOC NYC is currently offline. As soon as power resumes – hopefully this Friday or Saturday – ticketing will be available once again. Thank you for your patience, and please be assured that DOC NYC will proceed as scheduled.

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