As the shorts programmer for DOC NYC, I’ve organized six collections of shorts that will screen at the IFC Center. Organized thematically, each program includes three or more films demonstrating the ability of the short form to explore a versatile range of unforgettable characters and pressing topics. The first of these looks at places and the people who find unity there together.

DOC NYC Program Description:

Friday, November 9 at 2:15pm
These five shorts explore the power of community and common bonds. INDIAN SUMMER (17 min, Mridu Chandra) finds young Indian Americans at a Hindu summer camp. AN AMERICAN MOSQUE (19 min, David Washburn) shows the resilience of rural Californian Muslims when faced with a hate crime. SPOILS: EXTRAORDINARY HARVEST (21 min, Alex Mallis) profiles diverse New Yorkers who are united by a common nocturnal activity. WOLF MOUNTAIN (7 min, Sam Price-Waldman, Brendan Nahmias, Dan Duran) explores the spiritual link between a woman and the wolves she cares for. GREENLAND YEAR ZERO (25 min, Anders Graver, Niels Bjørn) reveals the lives of teenagers in a small Greenland town poised for great change.

Why You Should Attend:
Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for short films to find public exhibition outlets in the US – outside of film festivals. Fests provide the chance for audiences to experience this work communally – and given this program’s theme, that’s especially appropriate, as filmmakers reveal community through religion, culture, and subculture.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, follow the link from the program page by clicking on the program title above, or consider purchasing a DOC NYC Insider Pass, which grants access to all weekday films, panels, and events beginning before 5pm.

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