Coming to HBO this Monday, February 4: MEA MAXIMA CULPA: SILENCE IN THE HOUSE OF GOD

Alex Gibney’s searing exposé of pedophilia in the Catholic Church premiered at Toronto last year. Subsequent fest exposure has included DOC NYC, London, Chicago, Woodstock, and the Hamptons. The doc was shortlisted for the Best Documentary Oscar after its theatrical release in November.

I wrote about the film out of Toronto here.


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2 responses to “On Cable: MEA MAXIMA CULPA

  1. I know what i was going to ask you which i forgot up in PC. IS there a specific resource you rely on to keep track of all docs that are coming on VOD or Television? I would like to do something similar with latino films. How do you keep track?

    Heard you are going down for the count. Hope you are not too sicky-poo! or at least that your cute talented DJ boyfriend is taking care of you!


    • There’s still no good/comprehensive VOD release schedule, unfortunately. I look at a few different sources – Filmmaker Magazine, Indiewire, Amazon – but I know I miss a bunch. TV is worse – I make sure to check into the usual suspects that champion docs – HBO, various PBS shows – for schedule updates, and otherwise try to notice Facebook updates, etc. I don’t know of a Latino database, but I’m sure Carlos at Cinema Tropical would be able to tell you if there is one, since they send out similar info in their weekly eblast.

      Stupid postdance cold has been hanging around since Tues or so. Feeling slightly better today and hoping it’ll pass over the weekend.

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