2013 DOC NYC in Focus: MAN & BEAST

Disarming-Falcons-Key-Image-Photo-by-Albert-Larew-580x300The second DOC NYC shorts program I curated this year explores the bonds that exist between people and their pets, livestock, or zoo animals.

DOC NYC Program Description:

Saturday, November 16 at 1:45pm

People and their animals. A Bedouin sheepherder contemplates moving his family to the city in FACES (Jordan, 16 min., Said Najmi). HERD IN ICELAND (USA, 28 min., Lindsay Blatt & Paul Taggart) chronicles the annual roundup of the country’s purebred horses, after a summer roaming free. OF COWS AND MEN (USA, 4 min., Emily Fraser) follows a dairy farmer during difficult economic times. Man and bird unite in the deserts of Pakistan in DISARMING FALCONS (USA, 15 min., Wendy Johnson & Annie Nocenti). PAST THEIR PRIME (USA, 23 min., Becca Friedman) explores the lives of geriatric zoo animals. (86 min. total)

Why You Should Attend:
Who doesn’t love animals? Beyond cats and dogs, these films offer insight into the rapport we share with the wild kingdom, from birds of prey to aging rhinos and apes.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, follow the link from the program page by clicking on the program title above.

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