2013 DOC NYC in Focus: PEOPLE & PLACES

On-Blooming-Art-Key-Image-Photo-by-Simon-Luethi-580x300Like last year, I’ve once again curated six collections of short films for DOC NYC in my role as Senior Programmer. This first program looks at interactions between individuals and their habitats, from stories of underground living to the efforts of city dwellers to work with nature.

DOC NYC Program Description:

Saturday, November 16 at 11:30am

Unexpected environments. A BEAUTIFUL WASTE (USA, 6 min., Jon Kasbe) explores NYC’s vibrant sewer system, while men reflect on their time living in the tunnels under LOST VEGAS (USA, 24 min., Steve Birnbaum). WHITE BLAZE (USA, 22 min., Brian Bolster) profiles a trail angel who helps Appalachian Trail hikers. An artist becomes walking artwork to add color to grey NYC in ON BLOOMING ART (USA, 6 min., Cathryne Czubek). NEW YORK TIMES (USA, 12 min., Dana O’Keefe) is a city symphony in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Urban farming takes to the rooftop in BROOKLYN FARMER (USA, 27 min., Michael Tyburski).

Why You Should Attend:
There’s an element of surprise and discovery to these films, sometimes disarming, other times more understated. Together, they present a focus on spaces and how we respond to them and in them.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, follow the link from the program page by clicking on the program title above.

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