2014 DOC NYC in Focus: ART + DESIGN

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-IMG_0045-copy-1160x652My DOC NYC preview continues with a look at this year’s shorts programming. First up, a collection of films exploring ways of seeing the world:


DOC NYC Shorts Program: ART + DESIGN

1201x782-KEYIMAGE-EleanorAmbosInteriors_4x6_cSashaArutyunova-Sasha-Arutyunova-copy1-1160x652ELEANOR AMBOS INTERIORS
Director: Andrew Michael Ellis

A celebrated interior designer faces the loss of her eyesight.

1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-font_men_1-1160x652FONT MEN
Director: Dress Code

Jonathan and Tobias shape the way we see the world, one font at a time.


1201x782-KEY-IMAGE-MakingSense_STILL_1-Alex-Schein-copy-1160x652MAKING SENSE
Director: Alex Schein

Profiles of young artisans as they return small-scale manufacturing to Philadelphia.


THE SURREAL AND THE SELF (pictured above)
Director: Jon Sams

Detailing a young surrealist artist’s creation of self-portraits.

Director: Collin Kornfeind

An exploration of the popularity, meanings and functions of distinctive custom and branded yarmulkes.

Director: Yael Lotem

An immersion into a series of a thousand autobiographical paintings made by a young Jewish Holocaust victim.

Why You Should Attend:
Taking an expansive view of art and design, these short films together offer a range of creative perspectives and their application across various media and disciplines.

More Info:
To purchase tickets, click on the individual titles above, and follow links for ticketing; or check out the new options for Passes.

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