For-the-Love-of-Spock16x9Coming to theatres and VOD today, Friday, September 9: FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK

Adam Nimoy’s tribute to his legendary actor father debuted at Tribeca earlier this year. It also screened at Fantasia, Sedona, Sitges, and at the San Francisco and San Diego Jewish fests.

What began as a project celebrating Leonard Nimoy’s enduring legacy to the STAR TREK mythos on the eve of the franchise’s 50th anniversary took on more poignancy with the actor’s death last year, and expanded to become a fuller consideration of the elder Nimoy as not only an actor and director, but as a father as well. Adam Nimoy takes an unabashedly personal approach throughout, often to the project’s benefit – providing a unique angle from which to view an iconic actor and character – but at times to its serious detriment – taking on a self-indulgent filmmaking-as-therapy sheen from which viewers would have been better off being spared. Leaving aside the sometimes awkwardly inserted personal processing of this fraught father/son dynamic, the film’s consideration of both the pop cultural impact of Spock and of Leonard Nimoy’s career trajectory offer accessible points of interest for larger audiences beyond diehard Trekkies.

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