It’s All True 2017 Overview

The 22nd annual It’s All True

April 20-30 (Rio de Janeiro), April 21-30 (Sao Paulo)

The Brazilian documentary showcase includes more than 30 new and recent docs, including the following:

Among the seven films in the Brazilian Competition for Features and Medium-Lengths are Tyrell Spencer’s GHOST TOWNS (pictured), a look at abandoned Latin American settlements like Hendry Ford’s Fordlândia; and Ana Luiza Azevedo and Jorge Furtado’s WHO PRIMAVERA DAS NEVAS IS, the search for a prolific literary translator.

The Latin American Competition includes: Camila Rodríguez Triana’s SINCERELY (pictured), about a love affair between two residents in a nursing home; Andrés Habegger’s THE (IM)POSSIBLE OBLIVION, the filmmaker’s quest for information on his disappeared father; and Pablo Escoto’s RUINS YOUR REALM, an essay on the lives of Gulf of Mexico fishermen. Blas Eloy Martínez’s PERON, MY FATHER AND ME, presents the Argentine filmmaker’s reckoning with his father and nation; and Juan Francisco Urrusti’s IN EXILE: A FAMILY FILM, offers his family’s experiences fleeing the Spanish Civil War to Mexico; both titles are part of the International Competition.

Non-competitive strand The State of Things includes work such as Erik Lieshout’s TO STAY ALIVE – A METHOD (pictured), in which Iggy Pop takes inspiration from Michel Houellebecq’s writings on madness; and Werner Schweizer’s OFFSHORE: ELMER AND THE SWISS BANK SECRECY, about the consequences faced by exposing the widespread tax evasion enabled by the Swiss banking system.

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