In Theatres & On VOD: DEALT

Coming to theatres and VOD tomorrow, Friday, October 20:

Luke Korem

SXSW 2017

Select Festivals:
Dallas, Sarasota, IFF Boston, deadCENTER, Shanghai, New Zealand, Bergen

A portrait of an acclaimed card magician who also happens to be blind.

Richard Turner has nurtured a love for playing cards into a lifelong career. While he prefers the term “card mechanic,” most would describe his sleight-of-hand proficiency as magic. Impressive as his tricks may be, they make an even bigger impact when it’s revealed that Turner is blind. As detailed in Korem’s engaging portrait, however, Turner has actively resisted being described as blind, and has typically passed as sighted, relying on his son Asa to assist him in public. When Asa must leave his father’s side for college, Turner finally must reckon with his disability and come to accept it, jettisoning decades of stubbornness and pride, and learning from the example set by his sister, who is also blind, and, like Turner, also hyper-capable.

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