Margaret Mead 2017 Overview

The 41st Margaret Mead Film Festival

October 19-22

A presentation of NYC’s American Museum of Natural History, this annual event showcases nearly 30 documentary features.


Among this year’s US premieres are: Jiska Rickels’ IN PROCEDURE, about Syrian refugees in the Netherlands; David Plath’s SO LONG ASLEEP: WAKING THE GHOSTS OF A WAR, on a Japanese priest’s mission to return the remains of Korean WWII soldiers to their home country; Olivier Jourdain’s SACRED WATER, about female orgasms through the lens of a Rwandan radio host; Warwick Thornton’s WE DON’T NEED A MAP, on an Australian indigenous symbol misappropriated by white nationalists; Manuel von Stürler’s LUST FOR SIGHT, chronicling the filmmaker’s loss of vision; Olga Delane’s SIBERIAN LOVE, in which a woman returns to her Siberian home town after 20 years abroad; Marie Clements’ THE ROAD FORWARD, on the history of Canadian First Nations activism; and Carol Salter’s ALMOST HEAVEN, about a Chinese mortician apprentice.

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