2018 Sundance Docs in Focus: SEEING ALLRED

Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Alex Pollini

Sophie Sartain and Roberta Grossman craft a candid profile of the controversial women’s rights advocate.

Festival Section:
US Documentary Competition

Sundance Program Description:

To some, Gloria Allred is a money-grubbing, shrill feminist prone to tawdry theatrics; to others she’s the most effective and fearless women’s rights attorney in America. In this intimate, warts-and-all documentary, one thing is certain: Allred’s 40-year devotion to asserting, protecting, and expanding the rights of women is unwavering and her influence unassailable.

Whether fighting gender discrimination in toy stores, spousal abuse in the OJ trial, or sexual harassment by Donald Trump, every case is personal and an opportunity to amplify the cause. Her special brand of advocacy often calls for creative solutions. When the statute of limitations prevented her clients from pressing charges against Bill Cosby, she led them in a battle to eliminate the statute for the benefit of future victims. At 75, like an unstoppable superhero with a rolling suitcase and no time to lose, she crisscrosses the country arguing cases, marching for justice, and delivering impromptu speeches on the Lincoln Memorial steps. And as the #MeToo movement gathers steam and powerful men fall, Allred knowingly, stoically declares, “the fight has only just begun.”

Some Background:

  • Sophie Sartain

    Sartain’s sophomore directorial effort, following the Independent Lens’ doc MIMI AND DONA, is her first Sundance credit.

  • Roberta Grossman

    This is also Grossman’s first film at Sundance. She most recently directed ABOVE AND BEYOND and executive produced ON THE MAP with Nancy Spielberg.


  • Marta Kauffman

    Kauffman is well-known as the Emmy Award-winning co-creator of popular series FRIENDS and GRACE AND FRANKIE. She previously executive produced several projects by Sartain and Grossman, including MIMI AND DONA, but this is her first Sundance credit.

  • Robbie Rowe Tollin

    Tollin is Kauffman’s Emmy-winning producing partner at Okay Goodnight, and an executive producer on GRACE AND FRANKIE. This is also her first Sundance project.

  • Hannah KS Canter

    Canter, professionally known by simply Hannah KS, is a creative executive at Okay Goodnight, for which she associate produced GRACE AND FRANKIE, and is Kauffman’s daughter. She previously held positions at the Katahdin Foundation, of which Grossman is a part, and Tollin Productions/Mandalay Sports Media, run by Tollin’s husband, producer Michael Tollin. This is her first Sundance credit.


  • Joey Jovanovich

    This marks Jovanovich’s first Sundance project after numerous television productions, primarily for PBS.


  • Chris Callister

    Callister previously cut projects for Sartain and Grossman. This is his first Sundance festival credit.

Why You Should Watch:
Though never one known to shy away from the camera, Allred allows Sartain and Grossman to dig beyond the surface as they explore her decades-long mission to help women stand up for their rights, unwilling to let her clients – or herself – be silenced. Sundance audiences will have a chance to see the film first, before its upcoming release via Netflix.

More Info:
For Sundance screening dates and times, click the film title in the first paragraph.

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