Coming to DVD and VOD tomorrow, Tuesday, January 16:
100 MEN

Paul Oremland

Frameline 2017

Select Festivals:
New Zealand, Outfest, NewFest, LGBT fests in Lisbon, Sydney, and Palm Springs

A personal reflection on how society’s relationship to homosexuality has changed during the filmmaker’s life.

Oremland recounts all the men he has slept with in his life, speaking to those he is able to track down, and in the process considers how these experiences demonstrate changes to the expression of gayness and to society’s acceptance. Following mostly a chronological review, accompanied by the filmmaker’s memories of the incidents – from clandestine, anonymous encounters to more longterm, significant relationships – Oremland also weaves in developments in his career, making film and television projects with gay themes. The focus, however, thankfully remains broader, allowing this to move beyond the insular and diaristic to a more universal consideration of the experiences of gay men between the 1970s and the present, from the sexual freedom of gay liberation to the emergence of AIDS, monogamy to open relationships, exploration of drugs and fetishes, the impact of technology like Grindr on the gay scene, and the opening up of military and marriage to the gay community.

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