New to DVD this week:

Christian Tod

CPH:DOX 2017

Select Festivals:
Docaviv, Docs Against Gravity, Zurich, Docville, United Nations Association, ZagrebDox, Rio

An essay exploring the concept of guaranteed universal basic income.

What if people didn’t have to worry about earning enough money for their basic survival? A universal basic income would remove this fundamental obstacle, one that keeps poor people struggling to merely subsist, and, the Utopian argument goes, would free up individuals to actually be more productive and devote themselves to things that mattered more to them, free of the anxiety of making basic ends meet. While viewed by many as the stuff of impossible fantasy, the concept of universal basic income has been implemented in test cases, though results seem inconclusive. Tod, an economist, explores this fascinating idea and its radical potential, though he stumbles in his storytelling, incorporating an intrusive narration, dour score, and erratic montage that prove more distracting than not.

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