New to DVD/VOD this week:

Brent Kinetz and Terence Mickey

Golden Door 2018

A man is on a mission to help women have intense orgasms.

Inspired by a less than satisfying sexual history, Aaron Headley, an engineer, has invented a device that he is certain will revolutionize women’s sexual pleasure: the crassly named “Squirt Watch” somehow helps the wearer assist his/her female companion in achieving female ejaculation. Kinetz and Mickey profile Headley for some time, though omit key information that would make the invention more understandable, then follow him as he attends the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo to promote the watch. It’s in this second half of the film that Headley emerges as a fairly unsettling and borderline creepy subject, particularly in his interactions with his booth assistant, which arguably cross serious ethical lines. The film doesn’t adequately address these issues, unfortunately, resulting in a less than satisfying final impression.

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