Coming to VOD today, Tuesday, February 26:

Marc Silver

Colombia (September 2017)

Select Festivals:
Colombian Film Festival NY

The Colombian government tries to broker peace with guerrilla forces to end a 50+ year conflict.

For 52 years, a Marxist guerrilla group, FARC, waged a civil war within Colombia, adding to instability in the nation. Since 2011, Colombian liberal progressive President Juan Manuel Santos engaged in peace talk negotiations with Timeleon Timochenko, the leader of FARC, a self-described ordinary man, on neutral ground in Havana, Cuba. The two camps agree that peace is the goal, and, in 2015, set a deadline of March 23, 2016 to come to an agreement, which is predicated on several controversial points, including the transition of FARC from its rebel structure into a political party. In trying to sell the peace plan to the nation, Santos finds expected resistance, as FARC has been positioned as the enemy for decades, with rightwing former president Álvaro Uribe, Santos’ predecessor, becoming something of a rallying symbol for Colombians angry at the idea of welcoming terrorists into the political process. Silver does an admirable job of condensing this background for viewers likely not familiar with the situation, and follows the process as Santos urges his citizens to vote for a peace agreement despite mounting opposition, achieving impressive access to both FARC and the government.

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