True/False 2019 Overview

The 16th True/False Film Fest

February 28-March 3

The beloved Columbia MO nonfiction event showcases approximately 35 new and recent documentary features.


A few films make their world premiere at the festival this year: Brett Story’s THE HOTTEST AUGUST, an essay exploring climate change and late-stage capitalism; Jeffrey Peixoto’s OVER THE RAINBOW, an exploration of the draw of Scientology for its followers; James Blagden and Roni Moore’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, which looks at the buildup to prom in Flint MI 2012; and Maíra Bühler’s LET IT BURN, a musical portrait of life within a São Paulo hotel that’s home to addicts.


Notable titles include Olivier Meyrou’s 2007 portrait of Yves Saint Laurent in his later years, CELEBRATION, long barred from screening due to legal entanglements; and the theatrical cut of the series finale of NATHAN FOR YOU, FINDING FRANCES, a surprisingly moving search for lost love and reckoning with past regrets.


While the remaining lineup includes several films from this year’s Sundance, also included are less familiar titles, such as Camila Freitas’ LANDLESS, on rural Brazilian workers who defy corporate interests and unfair laws to occupy farmland; Ise Shinichi’s HOME, SWEET HOME, a longitudinal portrait of the director’s niece filmed over 35 years; Dora García’s SEGUNDA VEZ, a radical reinvention of biography that explores the legacy of an Argentine psychoanalyst and activist; Marine de Contes’ THE GAME, an observational project set in the forests of southwestern France; Nuria Ibáñez Castañeda’s A WILD STREAM, an intimate portrait of the unusual relationship that develops between two fishermen on the Sea of Cortez; and Miko Revereza’s NO DATA PLAN, an unconventional road trip set on a train, exploring the filmmaker’s mother’s undocumented status.

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