In Theatres: LOS REYES


Coming to theatres tomorrow, Wednesday, August 14:

Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff

World Premiere:
IDFA 2018

Select Festivals:
CPH:DOX, Film Comment Selects, DocPoint, Göteborg, Montclair, Biografilm, Miami, Portland

A portrait of two stray dogs living in a Chilean skatepark.

Skateboarding teenagers are not the only regulars in Santiago’s first skate park. The site also is home to Footbol and Chola, two beautiful stray dogs who spend their time running around and fetching balls, soda bottles, and other objects. As filmmakers Bettina Perut and Iván Osnovikoff capture these furry friends on camera, they also eavesdrop on the youth of the park. Revealed through their offscreen voices, the skater kids display the brashness and braggadocio of teenage boys, telling stories of girlfriends, getting high, selling weed, and rebelling against parents and other authorities. Ultimately, however, the canines take center stage, drawing in the audience to their rhythms and companionship while smartly resisting overt anthropomorphism that easily could have turned this bittersweet, exceptionally warm project into a schmaltzy affair.

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