Coming to The WORLD Channel’s Reel South today, Monday, April 6:

Jethro Waters

World Premiere:
Austin 2018

Select Festivals:
Full Frame, RiverRun

An exploration of photographer Burk Uzzle’s acclaimed 65-year career.

Burk Uzzle began his photojournalism career in the 1950s. By 1961, at the age of 23, he became the youngest photographer to work for Life magazine, and later was an influential member of the Magnum collective. Through his career, he has captured iconic images, from Woodstock to the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr, with a particular focus on the 1960s civil rights struggle. In his awkwardly named film – which reflects Uzzle’s two key bits of advice for photographers, which aperture to use and to simply be present – director Jethro Waters accompanies the near-octogenarian on his current projects, documenting the African American community in his native North Carolina, as well as landscapes across the country, while discussing his process. Waters brings a string visual style to mirror his subject, but stumbles when it comes to the film’s overbearing, distracting score, marring an otherwise compelling artist portrait.

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